WB: World Bank

As part of the “Trust Fund” project, the World Bank signed an agreement with AFRISTAT to manage the funds on behalf of three schools: ENSEA-Abidjan, ISSEA-Cameroon and ENSAE-Senegal.

Since 2006, a draft document, “Trust Fund” has been drafted by all three schools (ENSEA, ISSEA and ENSAE-Senegal) with the support of the Sub-Saharan Africa Economic and Statistical Observatory (AFRISTAT) to solicit financial support from the World Bank.

This draft document, after several amendments was finally approved and the World Bank decided to provide financial support to the three schools through its Capacity Building Support Project for Schools of Statistics (PARCES-BM) called “TFSCB TF092112”. Thus, to concretize this agreement, the World Bank signed an agreement with AFRISTAT, in charge of managing the funds on behalf of the Schools.

In general, the project aims at building the capacities of African schools of statistics and national statistical systems.

In addition, this will specifically involve:

  • Developing training modules that will build the capacity of National Institute of Statistics managers to meet the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goal;
  • Strengthening National Statistical System staff through high-level training,
  • Organizing training for trainers (teachers) in schools of statistics;
  • Acquiring computer and accessories, educational and didactic equipment adapted to deliver good quality teaching;
  • Strengthening documentary collections.

AfDB: African Development Bank

Under Resolution n°. F/ZZZB/2004/34 adopted on 08 September 2004 by the Board of Directors of the African Development Fund, the Fund agreed to allocate a grant in an amount not exceeding fourteen million seven hundred and fifty thousand units of account, with a view to contributing to finance the support for statistical capacity-building in regional member countries eligible for Fund resources as part of the International Comparison Programme for Africa (ICP-Africa).

ENSEA is one of the implementing bodies of the programme and is committed to:

  • Assist the African Development Bank in the implementation of the training activities of ICP-Africa in participating regional member countries;
  • Develop a research programme on ICP themes;
  • Include ICP requirements in its activity and training programs.

UNFPA: United Nations Population Fund

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), as part of the implementation of annual work plans approved in accordance with the Regional Programme and Action Plan 2008-2011 for Africa, signed an agreement with ENSEA. ENSEA is committed to taking responsibility for the implementation of UNFPA assistance for the activities described in the 2009 annual work plan.

These activities pertain to:

  • the organization of a Regional Training Workshop for Trainers in Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) and subsequent support to institutions in the sub-region for the development and strengthening of integrated management information systems;
  • the organization of a Regional training workshop on CsPro software and subsequent support to partner institutions for the strengthening of national capacities in processing census data.

UNFPA support sometimes takes the form of donating computer equipment or funding academic research.

CGECI : General Confederation of Companies of Côte d'Ivoire

CGECI is an employers’ professional organisation bringing together professional groups, trade unions and professional associations from industry, commerce, services and agriculture. It is governed by Act n°. 95-15 of 12 January 1995, on the Labour Code, its statutes and internal regulations.

Its purpose is, among other things, to defend the general interests of companies in the private sector and similar line of business. Within this framework, it carries out, with its adherent members, actions to promote the economic and social progress of the country and strengthen private initiative in Côte d’Ivoire.

In order to respond efficiently to the new development needs of their respective business activities, ENSEA and CGECI agreed to undertake mutual cooperation to promote statistical production and information analysis activities.