Research activities at ENSEA are led by ENSEA lecturer-researcher and associate researchers. They are organized jointly with the activities of ENSEA doctoral training. The main activities are:

Internal work and dissemination seminars

Three types of seminars are organised: work monitoring, work dissemination and research. Researchers’ work monitoring seminars are organized on a regular basis to monitor researchers’ research. This work is then disseminated at a public seminar organised by ENSEA to disseminate the results of the researchers’ work widely. Research results can be published in the form of articles in scientific journals, but also in the form of books, maps, communications at conferences, etc.

As for the research seminars, they are led by invited researchers. Indeed, professors invited as part of the doctoral training lead research seminars on new developments in the main research areas:

(i) Quantitative economics ;

(ii) Statistical methods ;

(iii) Statistics and public health ;

(iv) Statistics and social sciences


Workshops to validate the works and studies carried out

Validation workshops are organised as part of the validation process of the studies carried out. In the timetable for carrying out studies for a fee, consultancy work (where applicable) an internal workshop is organised by the dedicated teams for validation before the final version is submitted.


International Conference on Statistics and Applied Economics (CISEA)

CISEA is one of the flagship research activities at ENSEA. It is organized every year. The first edition took place in 2018. The second edition is slated for 17-19 June 2019. Please consult the dedicated web page for more information on this conference.