Associate Professor of Econometrics

(University of Adelaide)


I am Associate Professor at the School of Economics, The University of Adelaide. My research interests are in Econometric (Theory and Applied) and Statistics and Financial Econometrics. I’m currently working on various topics, including identification problems in structural models, model selection and optimal inference in GMM setting, Bootstrap and Monte Carlos methods, treatment effect and network econometrics,  Forecasting and housing market.  I have published a wide range of articles on these topics, and I’m currently the leading investigator of two Australian Research Council (ARC) grant project- one on “Selection of mixed strength moment restrictions and optimal inference” (DP20; 2020-2022) with Prosper Dovonon (Concordia University, Canada) and a second on “Identification power and instrument strength for causal effect in discrete outcome models”  (DP21; 2021-2023) with Donald Poskitt (Monash University), Xueyan Zhao (Monash University), Eric Renault (University of Warwick, UK) and Franck Windmeijer (University of Oxford, UK).