Statistical Officers (A.T)

Statistical Officers are executing agents of the statistical system. Delivered in one academic year, the teaching includes both courses, tutorials and a month of practical field experience. The objective of this cycle is to give students a basic knowledge of the statistical method and, above all, to get them familiar with statistical production.
The practical internship usually consists of carrying out a survey for the school as part of its research activities or within the public, para-public or private administration.

Admission requirements

  • 1. To have the (12th grade/A-level) level in a general education science class

  • 2. Be no more than 22 years old on the date of the examination

Job opportunities

They are called upon to serve in national statistical or planning services, in parastatal or private organizations (companies, state corporations).
In public or private administrations, statistical officers may be entrusted with tasks mainly related to the collection of statistical data, in particular the practice of surveys and the use of administrative documents.