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ISSEA of Yaoundé, ENSAE of Dakar and AFRISTAT were selected as partners by ENSEA because of their common experience in the field of higher statistical training. Other academic and professional partners, particularly from the private sector and the research community, support the implementation of the various activities.

The various action plans aim to build ENSEA’s capacity in statistical training and research in order to ensure its long-term positioning as a regional reference centre. In this context, the creation of a Doctoral School in Applied Statistics and the development of distance learning will significantly contribute to its influence. These plans also include governance reforms aimed at ensuring greater ACE autonomy.

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  • Achieving Excellence in Teaching/Learning

    To achieve this objective, five activities will be implemented:

    • (i) strengthening existing courses and creating new training courses in response to the needs of National Statistical Systems (NSS)
    • (ii) building the capacities of ENSEA teaching staff
    • (iii) strengthening the use of ICT in the Centre of Excellence
    • (iv) facilitating the integration of graduates
    • (v) revitalising continuing training
  • Achieving Excellence in Research

    The objective of this second action plan is to create the conditions for establishing at ENSEA a reference research centre in statistics and applied economics to meet the methodological challenges faced by National Statistical Systems actors and to support decision-making. These include, among others :

    • (i) setting up a doctoral school
    • (ii) building the capacities of ESA (African Statistical Schools) researchers
    • (iii) enhancing the value of research results
  • Achieving Excellence by including Equity and Attractiveness

    The third action plan focusing on the Equity and Attractiveness Dimension is intended to increase the visibility and accessibility of ENSEA’s training offer to a greater number of students and lecturer-researchers in the sub-region. More specifically, it will be about:

    (i) improving the living environment of students
    (ii) strengthening English language learning
    (iii) providing assistance to non-fellowship students
    (iv) carrying out an accreditation process for diplomas

  • Achieving Excellence through Good Governance and Management

    The fourth action plan focuses on management and governance. The activities of this plan are organized around the following :

    (i) project governance
    (ii) financial management
    (iii) ENSEA government reform
    (iii) implementation of a communication policy towards partners
    (iv) provision of technical assistance to the African Institute of Statistics (AIS) and the National Statistical Institutes (NSIs)