On 18 July 2016, ENSEA signed a memorandum of understanding with one of its institutional partners, the African Development Bank (AfDB), acting in its capacity as administrator of the Multinational Statistical Capacity Building Programme (MSCBP) for Development Results-Based Management.

The “Statistical Capacity Building” Programme is a response to the need to address the challenges of providing accurate and reliable statistics in Africa and mobilizing financial partners. Through capacity building of statistical institutions, this programme covers all 54 regional member countries.

It provides technical assistance and training while investing in the capacities of the national statistical systems of participating regional member countries (RMCs).

Beneficiaries include producers and users of official statistics, including national statistical agencies, national policy-makers, companies and investors, researchers and analysts, citizens of RMCs, subregional organizations (SROs) and statistical training centres (STCs).

This programme contributes to the development of more efficient statistical systems that meet the data needs for national development in member countries, to serve as a basis for achieving sustainable development objectives and to facilitate greater efficiency in the Bank’s operations in member countries. The programme has five distinct but closely related components, namely:

(i) the improvement of economic statistics;

(ii) the improvement of social statistics;

(iii) the improvement of data production, management and dissemination – Information Highway in Africa;

(iv) strategic planning, systems development, coordination and training; and

(v) the management and Programme execution,

Activities undertaken by ENSEA under the Programme relate to the Strategic Planning, Systems Development, Coordination and Training component.