For more than 50 years of existence, the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics includes in its network some academic partners, institutional supports, research institutions and alumnis associations.

These partnerships aim to strengthen the influence of the school and to create professional opportunities, exchanges and experience sharing.


The National School of Statistics and Applied Economics (ENSEA) has concluded agreements and conventions with several academic institutions in Côte d’Ivoire and abroad. These academic partnerships aim to:

  • Adjust curricula to international standards;
  • Promote the quality of training;
  • Organise teaching missions with internationally renowned institutions;
  • Building bridges with Non-French-speaking training systems


The Institutional partners, through their financial or technical support, help to build ENSEA’s capacities and enable it to achieve its objectives.

ENSEA works in close collaboration with many international partners, notably the African Development Bank, the World Bank… Some of them finance school projects, others provide partnership in field activities as part of the implementation of these projects.

Four institutional projects are underway at ENSEA.

They are are as follows:

  • The ACE  partnership with the world Bank
  • The  PRCS  partnership with  the  AFDB
  • The  PACER partnership  with  the WEAMU
  • The GLOBAL STRATEGY partnership with  the  AFDB And UNECA


The development of research enables ENSEA to improve the quality of teaching, and also contributes to the promotion of the brand image of the school. To achieve this, the school relies on research partners. These partnerships facilitate:

  • The sharing of experience
  • Research stays in foreign laboratories

In its logic of development and being a reference in the field of Economics and Applied Statistics, ENSEA works in close collaboration with the following institutions:

  • The National Institute of Statistics (INS) ;
  • The Research and Development Institute (IRD),