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Professionals, students and actors of statistics, research and economy, dear Internet users, on behalf of all the staff of ENSEA, I wish you a pleasant academic year 2023-2024.

Dr Hugue KOUADIO, Director of ENSEA


ENSEA receives two (2) honorary Accreditations:
– for ENSEA as an Institution &
– for ENSEA’s Engineering in Statistics & Economics (ISE) program



(CISEA 2023) International Conference on Statistics and Applied Economics

ENSEA will host from 20 to 21 June 2023, in its premises, the third edition of the International Conference on Statistics and Applied Economics (CISEA).
And the theme chosen for this 2023 edition is: “Exogenous shocks and resilience strategies of developing economies“.

ENSEA in a nutshell

Created in 1961, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Statistique et d’Economie Appliquée d’Abidjan (ENSEA) is a National Public Institution which celebrated in 2021 its 60 years of existence and experience in the service of Africa’s development.

The quality of its training, the density of its curricula and the operational skills of its graduates earned ENSEA the World Bank’s Center of Excellence label in 2015.

ENSEA’s vision for 2025 is to be an internationally recognized Centre of Excellence for training and research in statistics and applied economics in Africa.

ENSEA is developing a policy towards its partners. These partnerships aim to reinforce the influence of the school and to create professional opportunities, exchanges and sharing of experiences.

School life at ENSEA is animated by 11 associations grouped into 3 divisions and 6 clubs, a mutual insurance company and the alumni network.

ENSEA Latest News

Our Training Programmes

Initial Training

ENSEA  is an institution whose vocation is to train African statisticians. This training is delivered through two (2) distinct training courses designed according to the level of recruitment of students and the career envisaged at the end of training.

Continuing Training

In addition to its reputation in training statisticians and economists for African countries, ENSEA provides introductory and advanced training in various fields for a wide audience (executives of public and private administrations)

Doctoral Training

Within the framework of the implementation of the African Centre of Excellence (ACE) project, ENSEA has opened, since the 2018-2019 academic year, a doctoral training course, within the Joint Research and Innovation Unit (UMRI) Statistics and Applied Economics (UMRI-SEA). The doctoral training department aims to to train graduates capable of carrying out high-quality research in the university, private or public sectors. 


A few words of gratitude and encouragement from former students.

“The culture of excellence”

It is an advantage for me to have been trained at ENSEA. The deep desire that attracted me to statistics is to work actively for the economic and social progress of my country. I received here a solid training of impeccable quality. I therefore urge my colleagues still in general education in the scientific series to take the entrance exam to ENSEA.


Engineer in Statistics and Economics; 2018

“A great diversity”

I am a student at ENSEA and of Liberian origin. If you are an English or Portuguese speaker, if you are interested in mixing with people from different cultures, and if you are looking for a place to learn French and/or pursue a degree in statistics or economics, ENSEA is the place for you.

Abigaël JALA

Engineer in Statistics; 2019

“What a lot of memories!”

Despite all these years after my training in this excellent temple of knowledge in statistics and economics, it is still a feeling of pride and gratitude to the Ivorian people, but especially to these brave teachers of ENSEA who for over 3 decades have taken over and hold the upper hand to the CSD and ENSAI of Paris.


Alumni ISE, Current Director of ENSAE of Dakar

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