Created in 1961, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Statistique et d’Economie Appliquée d’Abidjan (ENSEA) is a National Public Institution whose vocation is to ensure the training of statisticians for French-speaking African countries. In June 1969, because of its increasingly international character, a law established the school as a public institution of higher education with civil status and financial autonomy. To date, it has trained approximately 4,000 statisticians from more than twenty (20) African countries and Haiti.

It is part of the Network of African Statistical Training Schools (ESA), with ISSEA in Yaoundé and ENSAE in Dakar.ENSEA has been labeled “African Center of Excellence” (ACE) by the World Bank since 2015 and “Regional Center of Excellence” by WAEMU since 2005. ENSEA is also a member of the AUF (Association of French-speaking Universities) since 2010.

Why study at ENSEA

  • Internationally recognised Degrees

  • A guaranteed career profile after training

  • An institution where language is not a barrier to learning

  • A centre of excellence where the D.B.P. (Dream, Boldness, Passion) mindset is a motto

Vision and Mission

The permanent vision of ENSEA is to be an internationally renowned center of excellence for training and research in statistics and applied economics for economic and social development in Africa.

  • Train competent statisticians and economists adapted to the changing needs of the labor market

  • Contribute to applied research in the field of statistics, economics and population

  • Ensure capacity building for National Statistical Systems, businesses and civil society

  • Promote statistical knowledge and culture in all areas

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