The duties of thesis director or co-director are carried out by high-profile lecturer-researchers : Full Professors, Research Directors, Senior Lecturers and Research Masters or by other personalities qualified to direct research (HDR).
The thesis subject must be part of the field of expertise (research areas and publications) of the thesis director and co-director.

The thesis conditions are in accordance with the provisions of article 11 of the (Polytechnic Doctoral School) EDP’s internal regulations:

“Candidates who hold a degree other than the Master’s, or whose degree was obtained more than 5 years ago, must validate the complementary TU organised by the Research Unit (UMRI) to which they are attached.”

The duration of the thesis is three years. An additional year may be granted as an exception by the Director of ENSEA on the basis of a reasoned request from the candidate and his/her thesis director, after the opinion of the Director of the (Research Unit) UMRI and the agreement of the EDP.

Beyond the 3rd year, requests for derogatory re-registration will be subject to graduated requirements.

Any thesis director may inform the PhD Training Management of his or her opposition to the PhD student’s re-registration if he or she does not meet the normal requirements of a PhD research project in terms of scientific level or work progress. The reasoned opinion of the thesis director will be equivalent to suspension of the student’s registration. In the event of a dispute, the director of the PhD Training will make a decision after hearing both parties.