The professional Master’s Degree in road infrastructure management is a Diploma awarded jointly by the Félix Houphouët Boigny National Polytechnic Institute (INPHB) and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Statistique et d’Economie Appliquée in Abidjan (ENSEA). This Diploma was created within the framework of the Abidjan Transport Project. Initiated by the Millennium Challenge Account Côte d’Ivoire, the Abidjan Transport Project aims to increase the competitiveness of the city of Abidjan as a growth pole of the country by improving traffic fluidity and decongesting the central corridor of the city linking its port to the northern, eastern and western areas of the country. Steps are being taken to obtain a Double diploma from Polytechnique Montréal, Diploma of Higher Specialised Studies (DESS).

Training objective and Programme structure

This program aims to provide the knowledge and skills required by the new approach to infrastructure asset management which combines the engineering elements associated with the design, preservation and rehabilitation of pavements with the economic rationale for optimizing investments while emphasizing environmental sustainability and public acceptance of service levels (social).

The 3ES (Engineering, Economics, Environmental & Social) programme has been structured as a Canadian Master’s degree of 45 North American credits.

The program consists of ten 3-credit courses (6 ECTS credits) and an integrative 15-credit project (30 ECTS credits) for a total of 45 credits (90 ECTS credits).

The academic credit is the unit of measurement of the workload that a student must devote to a course. One (01) credit represents 45 hours of work for the student, so a 3-credit course corresponds to 45 hours of class + 90 hours of personal work.

Recruitment Level

  • Hold a Degree in Public Works Engineering or an Engineering Diploma or a Master’s Degree (High School Diploma + 5 years of university studies level) in a related field.

  • Hold a Degree in Public Works Engineering (High School Diploma + 4 years of university studies level) and have acquired a minimum of three (03) years relevant professional experience.

  • Have a minimum understanding of written and spoken English (read technical English correctly and be able to hold a conversation in English)

Training Duration

The professional Master’s Program in road infrastructure management lasts 2 years, including 18 months of courses and 6 months of internship.

Competitive Entry Examination Period

Submissions are open each year from April to May.

Examination Subjects

The selection of the M3ES learners is done by Application analysis and interviews.

Job opportunities

  • Road Infrastructure Manager

  • Road Database Manager