Ankouvi NAYO

Engineer in Statistics and Economics

Research topics

Crop changes and agricultural diversification, what are the determinants ?

This work contributes to the identification and analysis of the factors and potentials of crop changes and diversification in Côte d’Ivoire. Its field of interest covers two (2) value chains: cocoa, in the forest zone, and cashew nuts, in the savanna zone. It also analyzes factors such as the evolution of prices and land pressure on the decisions and expectations of farmers. The aim of this work is to explain the factors that contribute to the adaptive or rational anticipations of producers as well as the role of the different actors in the agricultural world (producers, cooperatives, apex organizations, etc.).

Specific objectives of the research project

  1. To analyze and understand the evolution of the cocoa and cashew crop map in Côte d’Ivoire over the last 50 years (25 years for cashew, given its recent evolution). The modification of the cultivation map can be the result of factors such as changes in vegetation due to persistent climatic variations or due to human influence through agricultural activities, etc.
  2. Analyze the effect of cyclical and/or persistent fluctuations in cocoa and cashew prices and the availability of labor on farmers’ expectations;
  3. Analyze the interrelationships between parasitic pressure in the orchard (cocoa and cashew) and these cultural mutations,
  4. To understand the problem of pressure on land intended for agricultural production in relation to cultural changes. Indeed, taking into account the availability and condition of cultivable land, diversification can take place in the following cases:
    – Development of new plots for agricultural production (extension);
    – Reconversion to new crops practiced on all or part of the same plot of land undergoing rehabilitation;
    – The adoption of association crops to the detriment of monoculture.
  5. Understand the problem of pressure on forests in relation to changes in cultivation.