Under the patronage of Mrs. Nialé KABA, Minister of Planning and Development, ENSEA organizes the Graduation Ceremony of its 2022 promotion on Friday, August 5, 2022 at 13:00 at the CERAE-UEMOA complex located at Riviera Bonoumin followed by the end of the year gala dinner.

The KABA Nialé promotion of ENSEA is made up of 118 students including 42 Engineers in Statistics and Economics (ISE), 46 Engineers in Statistics (ITS) and 30 Statistical Officers (AD).

This ceremony actually marks the naming of the:
33rd promotion of ISEs
44th promotion of ITS
61st promotion of ADs

Indeed, created in 1961, ENSEA is an institution of higher education and research whose vocation is to train African and Haitian statisticians. To date, more than 4,500 statisticians have been trained and can be found in various sectors of activity throughout the world. The year 2022 marks the graduation of the last promotions of the ITS (opened in 1963) and AD (opened in 1968) courses to meet the requirements of the educational reform of ENSEA programs. These courses will now be open only at the request of the countries.

ENSEA is a Centre of Excellence recognised by WAEMU since 2005, the World Bank in 2015 and the French Development Agency in 2020.
Entry in ENSEA is exclusively gained through a competitive entrance examination opened each year in January.

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