The thesis defences of the very first Class of Statistics Analysts (AS) undergraduate program began on Friday 25 August 2023 at ENSEA.

In the presence of their parents, friends and siblings, five Statistics Analyst students defended their dissertations on the following topics:

  • The effect of international trade on economic growth in Côte d’Ivoire from 1991 to 2021
  • Statistical capacity building for CGECI associations and groups operating in the tertiary sector: Assessments, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Statistical capacity building of CGECI member associations and groupings from the secondary sector: Assessments, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Textual analysis and thematic modelling of public service users’ requests.
  • Formalisation of SMEs in the presence of incentives and risks of a return to informality: the case of PAMO-FSPME

Statistical Analysts are application managers whose role is to design, collect, analyse and disseminate statistical output.
Opened in 2020 following the results of the educational reform of the RESA schools’ programs, the training lasts three academic years and includes theoretical courses, supervised work and two (02) practical field placements (a practical internship and an academic internship at the end of the training).

The Statistics Analyst (SA) programme aims to train the very best in the collection, analysis and interpretation of socio-economic data.

We wish our future graduates every success !

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