Since Friday, August 26, 2022, the 46 students of the 44th promotion of ENSEA have been presenting their end-of-cycle thesis.

In front of a jury composed mainly of teachers and professionals, this test will allow them to evaluate the training they have received both in class and in the company.

As a reminder, training at ENSEA combines theoretical training (in class) and practical training (academic survey and internship). The public defence of the end-of-cycle thesis is an essential step in obtaining the Engineering Degree in Statistics, just as it is for the other training courses. 

The Engineering in Statistics Program students are recruited from a High School Diploma + 2 years of tertiary studies in Applied Mathematics or in Economics. The training spans over 2 years. However, the year 2022 marks the graduation of the last promotion of this Program as part of the implementation of the results of the training courses educational reform.  

Good luck to the next candidates

Congratulations to those who have already passed.

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