Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) has the following tasks:

  • develop the overall strategy of the Centre of Excellence, taking into account the recommendations of the Scientific Council
  • to decide on the Centre’s action programme on the basis of the Technical Committee’s proposal validated by the donor
  • allocate the Centre’s annual budget, taking into account the recommendations of the Technical Committee;
  • Ensure the proper functioning and coordination of the activities carried out by the institutions making up the Centre;
  • Organise the evaluation of the Centre’s activities;
  • Decide on any other problem relating to the functioning of the Centre.

Thus, the SC is responsible for all activities carried out in relation to the project. It takes charge of actions such as the validation of modifications to partnership agreements, changes in strategies, the schedule of project activities, monitoring and evaluation of project performance. The Steering Committee has 8 members (see Table 4), of which 3 are appointed intuitu personae. The Director of the Group of National Schools of Economics and Statistics (GENES1) and the Directors of the partner institutions are the other members.

The Chair of the Steering Committee will be Mr. Pali Lehola. The Director of ENSEA will act as secretary. The Steering Committee will statutorily meet two (2) times a year. The Chair of the Steering Committee may convene extraordinary meetings. These meetings can be held by face-to-face exchange, by teleconference or by videoconference, in order to minimise costs.


  • Pali LEHOLA, Former DG Statistics South Africa (South Africa)

  • William BERTRAND, Member – Tulane University (USA)

  • Bernadette KAMGNIA, UFR-SEG (Ivory Coast)

  • Hugues Kouassi KOUADIO, ENSEA (Ivory Coast)

  • Abdou DIOUF, Member – ENSAE (Senegal)

  • Francial Giscard LIBENGUE, ISSEA (Cameroon)

  • Cosme VODONOU, Member – AFRISTAT (Mali)

  • Catherine GAUDY, Member, GENES (France).

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