Technical Committee

The Technical Committee’s mission is to:

  • ensure the proper implementation of ACE activities;
  • ensure the follow-up of the activities included in the Action Plan and validated by the Steering Committee;
  • ensure the financial management, procurement and monitoring-evaluation of the ACE in accordance with the manuals of procedures validated by the World Bank and the AAU;
  • analyse and assess the recommendations and proposals made by the World Bank and/or the AAU in the framework of the implementation of the ACE activities;


The Technical Committee is composed of:

  • the Coordinator: Mr. KOUADIO Kouassi Hugues;
  • the Deputy Coordinator: Mr. KOUAKOU N’goran Jean Arnaud;
  • the Research Officer: Mr. ESSO Loesse Jacques;
  • the person in charge of monitoring and evaluation: Mrs. MOSSO Rosine Addy;
  • the Financial Officer: Mr. AGNIMA Kouassi Florent;
  • An expert from AFRISTAT: Mr. Coulibaly Siriki Zanga;
  • A Director of Studies at ISSEA: Mr Marcel OPUMBA;
  • A Director of Studies at ENSAE: Mr CISSE Mamadou.

When questions of an academic and/or scientific nature are discussed, the Technical Committee may be joined by the teacher-researchers concerned. Moreover, it will work in close collaboration with the administrative services of ENSEA. It may co-opt resource persons into sub-committees. The Technical Committee will be in charge of setting up common procedures for the selection of grant holders, teacher-researchers and part-time teachers and of ensuring their application. An external expert may be called upon to audit the implementation of the procedures. The Technical Committee meets statutorily once a month. It may be convened by its Chairman. The meetings of the Technical Committee may be held by direct face-to-face exchange, by teleconference or by videoconference. Each member of the Technical Committee will work on a specific mission of the Project according to a mandate defined by the Technical Committee and approved by the Steering Committee. He/she will report regularly to the Technical Committee on his/her activities. Subcommittees extended to external resource persons may be created (Examples: Accreditation and Quality Subcommittee, Monitoring and Evaluation Subcommittee and Communication Subcommittee).


  • Mr. KOUADIO Kouassi Hugues: the Coordinator

  • Mr. KOUAKOU N’goran Jean Arnaud: the Deputy Coordinator

  • Mr. ESSO Loesse Jacques: Research Officer

  • Mrs. MOSSO Rosine Addy: Monitoring and evaluation Officer

  • Mr. AGNIMA Kouassi Florent: Financial Officer

  • Mr. Coulibaly Siriki Zanga: An expert from AFRISTAT

  • Mr Marcel OPUMBA: A Director of Studies at ISSEA

  • Mr CISSE Mamadou: Director of Studies at ENSAE

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